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Durable wire control from bird control Manchester

Chicken Spikes are a safe and reliable barrier to this topics of nesting and breeding birds on ledges, windows, walls, really every framework; nevertheless they truly are especially bird control successful in opposition to Seagulls and Pigeons. Hen spikes usually do not damage that the birds, so the vertical hooks are secured on a poly carbonate frame and so are adjustable, as well as a bird attempts to land to a surface, the shaking of these hooks lets the hen believe the region is fragile, such that they avoided from landing.

Stainless Metal Bird Spikes
Our stainless steel P4 spikes are assembled Of stainless 304 material and placed on a duration frame that is strengthened by UV. Even the UV stability ensures it won’t break underneath sun, making it a problem-free operation for several decades.

Important Requirements

• Ledge security around 300 mm long
• Stainless Steel grade 304 with 25 years past rust insurance
• More durable cable, 1.42 M M cable with enhanced electrical power.
• Permanent wire lock twist, that leaves it almost not possible to allow the cables to collapse out.

• The pieces require less glue to stay inplace. The base has designed with ten’keying’ holes, so and the coat divides into the pits, so together with seals the spike on the most notable.

• The pins will be 330 M M extended Together with 1600N / M M electrical Secure

Polycarbonate Fowl Spikes

• Even the p 4 poly-carbonate chicken spikes are assembled out of strong Durolon in addition to sealed from U V shape. The peaks can pay for ledges upto 200 mm long as well as include an assurance of a decade.

• These spikes are way more noticeable from the outside but are less expensive than those of the stainless steel variety. If appearances aren’t a problem, then this can be a perfect approach.

2 Stainless Pin chicken Spikes
P 2 spikes could protect ledges out of 25 Mm-100 mm. Sewer clips have to join the slopes to the sewers without interrupting the flow of water.

April 7, 2020